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"Q & A" on Titanium

What is titanium ?
Why we can see the titanium color ?
Anodizing oxidation technology and Horie's technology.
The characteristics of titanium coloring.
On the power of Photo Anti-Bacterial Power of oxidized titanium.

<What is titanium ?>

Titanium is used as white pigment of oxidized titanium powder for
long period. But metallic titanium has been uscd after the Second World War
The characteristics of titanium are "Light Strong and Anti-corrosion".
Comparing to steel, titanium is only two thirds in unit weight,
same strength and strong corrosion resistant.
Because of these characteristics, titanium has been used in
Jet Engine Aeroplane and artificial satellite for long time.
Recently, new characteristics such as "non-harmfull to human body"
are discovered. Titaniu:n is newly used in the medical industry and
accessories. Titanium is watched in many in areas as a new material.

<Why we can see the titanium color ?>

Titanium is strong anti-corrosion material but its surface is covered by very thin oxidized film (TiO2).
This film is transparent and has the strong refraction ratio
The light is refracted during passing the transparent film, and comes out as if it is colored.
When we control the thickness of the oxidized transparent film by the unit of angstrom (10-8cm) ,
we can present unlimited numbers of colors.
By the reason of transparent high refraction ratio, colors are clear and glossy.

<Anodizing oxidation technology and Horie's technology>

Very high technology is neccessary for controlling the thickness of titanium oxidized film.
HORIE has developed stable and reliable anodizing oxidation treatment.
Simply speaking, anodizing oxidation is using the oxigen from electrolysis.
Titnium sheet on anode side (+), any good conductivity metal on cathode side (-) ,
put the elctricity, then,water disolves.
Oxigen disolved from water on the surface of titanium combined with titanium.[ O2 (O) + 2e- ]
Thus, TiO2 film grows on the titanium surface.
Film thickness is controlled in the order of angstrom (l0-8cm) unit by delicate change
of voltage and time of electricity current.
The gradation color which looks like rainbaw is produced by changing thickness of
film continuously with the controlling voltage during treatment in the solution.
This method is cumpletely deferent from printing technology , which controls the size of dott.

<The characteristics of titanium coloring>

Titnium color looks differently , by the change of light such as,
morning or evening, or by the angle of looking.
Also, when the light source is differet, color my looks differently,
by the change of spcctrum in the light.
Halogen lamp is eficient for good looking.

<On the power of Photo Anti-Bacterial Power of oxidized titanium>

  • Titanium oxide is the inorganic compound of titanium and oxide, and is usually used for additives of food, pigment of paint and additives of cusmetics.

  • There are twoo types of Titanium oxide by the crystal lattice difference :
    rutile type and antase type.
    Anatase type titanium oxide has photo-antibacterial effect.

  • Thin film of titanium oxide by anodizing oxidation is almost anatase type crystal, by the characteristics of temperature effect.

  • The mechanism of photo antibacterial effect is; When titanium oxide receives the light, positive hole with plus chage and elctron with minus charge are born on the surface. These energy from light produces free radical oxigen and also, hydrogen and oxugen. These hydrogen and free radical oxyen disolve the organic compound and work as anti-bacterial agent. As the sesult, the taste of drinks becomes better.

  • Colored titanium in the water glass in sun shine, has many small bubbles on the surface in 1 to 2 hours. It shows the photo-energy dissolves the water. When colored titanium receives enough light preliminary, the bubbles come out even in the dark. The bubble will decrese after long usage, even at light area.
    In this case, pick up the colored titanium , dry it , then the bubbles come out again. This photo antibacterial effect continues as far as the film exists.

  • The ideal condition for photo antibacterial effect of oxidized titanium is moderate moisture, sometimes dry and light area. This colored titanium is expected to be used in ;
    accessory which directly contact to human skin, tableware , wristwatch and frame of cycglasses which is used daily. Application in the cleaning of life cnvironment is expected to colored titanium.