Basic Color List of Current Colored Titanium(24colors)

1-000 2-050 3-100 4-120 5-140 6-160
7-180 8-200 9-250 10-300 11-400 12-450
13-500 14-550 15-570 16-600 17-660 18-700
19-760 20-800 21-900 22-940 23-1000 24-1100
Gradation color A
12-450 ~ 24-1100
Gradation color B
13-500 ~ 20-800

This "Basic Color List of Current Colored Titanium" is made from

Commercially Pure Titanium Grade 1 (TP270C).

Current Colored Operation is applied by Anode Oxydization on the titanium sheet,

after pickeled at first.

The small characters on the upper row of each color tip shows the designed voltage value.

(This voltage value is also used as "Color Number" of Titanium Color, and is also input

into our computer.)

Please use the Color Number or Voltage Value as the definition of color.

When you intend to use the gradation color, please show the rough range by "color number".

Color tone will sometimes slightly change by even colorless coating such as

"Transparent clear coating" Because this Titanium Coloring applies the interference

color mechanism of oxydized titanium film on the surface.

(This "Titanium Oxide Film" has strong and active catalysis under the light.

"Transparent Clear coating" such as organic plastic paint on the colored

titanium has the possibility of "Peeling Off" gradually in the long period.)

Note: This "Basic Color List of Current Colored Titanium" is made by the unique technology

developed by our company. So this color may different from general color sample.

Also,basic color list of current colored Titanium(24colors)

titanium board sample is onerous and be distributing.

Besides even 124 color version have been prepared.