Aiming the very original products of HORIE
good command of high technology
and sccumulated production system

We,HORIE are aiming to make our own original products from daily reserch and development.

One of the typical origainal products is "Photo-Antibacterial Piercing Earring "

which is the first product in this indusrty.

This "Photo-AnLibacterial Piercing Earring" has

the characteristics of dissolving bacteria,spot and smell.

The coloring process of titanium is fully computer controlled, so,

we can reproduce 100% same color.

HORIE has also has many original technologies such as etching and masking.

Thus, HORIE, develops new products and technologies,

and also willingly develops production system.

Our products are all originals, so almost all our equipments are not ready made,

but manufactured by ourselves.

These equipment enables us to get better qulity and productivity for better products.


Printing on the curved surface as well as flat by this screen process.
HORIE can print on the three dimensional solid and even on the body
with projections by original printing method.

High level surface treatment has been developed by blending strong
anti-chemicals masking materials.
This masking process is the base of highly complexed technologies
such as multi coloring of titanium-art and plural colors of titanium monument.


Pick up the rainbaw color from light by transparcnt oxidized titanium
film on the surface of titanium metal.
The color is decided by the thickness of the oxidized film.
The oxidized film has the characteristics of "Photo-Antibacterial Action".


HORIE realized the etching process of titanium which is most difficult
to be corroded, this process brings the dream and possibilty on titanium.


HORIE has combained plural technology and produced new value and
new products.


HORIE makes the effort on "R & D" for improving technology.
100% reproduceable color control is based on the data accumulation
by Scanning Electron Microscope in HORIE.