From a lecture of our company president
in a International Titanium Applications Conference & Exhibition
that were held in San Francisco on October 8-11,1997

On the development and market of
the Current Colored Titanium

Current Colored Titanium
"Current Colored Titanium"

1) My basic Concept on the titanium New Product Development Procedure
Office Room of Horie Corporation
"Office Room of Horie Corporation"

My basic concept on the new Products of Titanium may be different from
your general procedure.
When I develop the new titanium Products or, develop the new technology
for the products, my basic concept is ; "Don't read the reference
document on titanium." The reason of the concept is ; when I study and
rely on the existing document, my new product will be only similar to the
existing products.
My first encounter with titanium is also succeeded because I didn't have
any knowledge on titanium.

Titanium Planter
"Titanium Planter"

11 years ago, one person with titanium sheet visited my office and asked me
to make "a planter" for gardening using the titanium.
This gentleman intended to order me "the way of making", in spite of his
request for me to make it. I asked him, "Write down only what you want ,and
wait at home, how to make good product is my job. "Actually, I didn't know
about Titanium at that time.
Next day, I completed a planter by the titanium, and sent to the gentleman.
Later, I have heard that the gentleman's company made 6 months trial in fail.
Of course, I have received continuous order on development of new titanium
products from the company. It was the starting point of my titanium business.

All members of HORIE
"All members of HORIE"

Assembly Work
"Assembly Work"

I intend that my company's product development is aiming the original goods
by most important method = my inspiration and 12 members' idea.

2) Our favorite technology and it's detail
Research Instrument
"Research Instrument"

Among many titanium new product developing I have done,
I have spent the longest time to establish the coloring technology by
anode oxidization.
The surface of titanium is so capricious that it is not obedient to
our intention. Sometimes the color is very clear, but next time, smudge
comes out. I had experienced many troubles at first.
I think the trouble is our teacher.
I built up my hypothesis from the small good portion of the failure,
and confirmed the hypothesis by trials.
I mastered the coloring technology after about 3 years of improvement.
As you know, the titanium color comes out by controlling the thickness of
titanium oxide (Ti02) film. It is the same principle as the rainbow color
on the Soap Bubble.
My design room is full of colored titanium in these ten years.
The room is the world of strong colors.
Even they are so gaily colors, I am calmed down in the world of colors.
I don' t become weary on the colors.
This is because the titanium color is natural.

Titanium Art
"Titanium Art"

I have commercialized "Titanium-Art" = "Picture of colored titanium"
in order to appeal the stable reproducibility of titanium coloring
technology in our company.
We perfectly reproduce more than 10 titanium colors in one sheet of
"Titanium-Art", by repeating partial masking many times, and adding
the "gradation color technology."

Titanium Art Tropical fish
"Titanium Art" Tropical fish"

Please look at this "Titanium-Art" of Tropica1 Fish.
In order to show the peculiarity, I put "scale" by etching technology.
This etching technology has progressed.
Now, we can make holes -round and many kind of patterns - even on 1 mm
thickness titanium sheet.

Etched Titanium Sheet
"Etched Titanium Sheet"

Now, etching technology becomes daily operation in our company.
From the view point of manufacturing cost, economical thickness of titanium
is below 0.6 mm
Of course the etching machine is designed and made by ourselves.

Down Light
"Down Light"

The advantage of etching procedure is unnecessary of punching die.
Etching procedure can manufacture even small numbers in a production lot by
small cost. We can propose many kinds of new product by limited cost.

Etched , Colored & Formed Titanium
"Etched , Colored & Formed Titanium"

Recently, diversity of commodities is expanding by forming three
dimensionally after etching procedure.

3) Introduction of titanium related new products

Spoon & Folk
"Spoon & Folk"

We are manufacturing "Press Forming Products" so called "Out-Door-
Goods" such as mug cup, cooker(pot) spoon etc.
For example, cooker is made from 0.4 mm thickness sheet , the sheet
is drawn by 2 step press into 95 mm diameter x 118 mm height

Lamp Shade
"Lamp Shade"

Mini-plant-titanium = "Luster"


Color Titanium Pierce
"Color Titanium Pierce"

Color Titanium Pierce
"Color Titanium Pierce"

Color Titanium Bracelet
"Color Titanium Bracelet"

As the other example of current colored titanium and etching technology,
"Door P1ate", " Sign", "Lamp shade", "Mini-Plant-titanium (Luster)",
"Single-flower-vase" adding to the previously explained "Titanium-Art"

Titanium Logo Plate of Car
"Titanium Logo Plate of Car"

The top sel1er of our products is the "Titanium logo-Plate" of car.
This plate is adopted by "Crown Majesta" of TOYOTA.
About 200,000 plates were manufactured in the first year. The hit product.

4) The stable reproducibility and Size limitation of colored titanium
Mechanism of Current Color Titanium
"Mechanism of Current Color Titanium"

The mechanism of color on anodized oxidation of titanium is selecting
the color from spectrum of light. For this reason we can get the color
only within the rainbow color series.
White (100 % reflection) or black (100 % absorption ) is not appear.

Basic Color List of Current Colored Titanium
"Basic Color List of Current Colored Titanium"

Please refer "Basic color list" in our company's document.
These colors are all computer controlled and almost 100% repeatable.
Not only Pure Titanium but also many kind of titanium alloys such as
6-4 Ti, -C or Ti-X are colored in each tone.

The Biggest Size of Colored Titanium
"The Biggest Size of Colored Titanium"

Basically, the maximum size of colored titanium is decided by
two persons capacity.
As titanium is light, even 10 meter length pipe can be operated by
two persons. So, this long pipe is colored.
In case of sheet, up to 4 feet (1,200 mm) x 8 feet (2,400 mm) sheet will be

Big Titanium Monument
"Big Titanium Monument"

Big Scale Colored Titanium
"Big Scale Colored Titanium"

Three Dimensional Structure of Colored Titanium
"Three Dimensional Structure of Colored Titanium"

In case of "Three Dimensional Formed Titanium" such as monument,
the size of operating bath is the limit of the maximum colored material.
When the big structure is colored, it must be devised into small parts,
and colored separately
The colors between separated parts will be adjusted into same tone.

Colored Titanium Fine Wire
"Colored Titanium Fine Wire"

An example of special coloring, fine titanium wire is colored
continuously by unit of bobbin

5) Sales Promotion Method of our Company
Sales Promotion Policy of HORIE
"Sales Promotion Policy of HORIE"

Sales Promotion Policy of HORIE
"Sales Promotion Policy of HORIE"

Our company is very small. We have only 13 members including myself.
We have no specialist in charge of sales.
We make the plan and manufacture it by ourselves, and exhibit at
Trade Fair in Tokyo, twice or three times in a year.
We appeal our idea directly to visitors and make the meeting to sales
The difficult matters of New Titanium Products Sales is Necessity
of explanation. In another words, we must explain why titanium is
necessary for the new product.

Why Titanium is Necessary ?
"Why Titanium is Necessary ?"

Let's make Publicity. How Titanium is Good
"Let's make Publicity. How Titanium is Good"

The proverb says "Seeing is believing."
I strongly hope to ask you to see the beauty of titanium color.
Once, people see the Titanium-colored products, they will understand
how good they are.

Strong , Light & Rust Free
"Strong" , "Light" & "Rust Free"

It is happy for me that the participants in this meeting are familiar
with the advantage of titanium. But, to my regret, generally speaking,

not all the people understand the advantage.
I would like to ask you all "Please give publicity to people how titanium
is good."

6) Mysterious Powers of Titanium

Titanium has the advantage of "High Strength", "Light weight" and
"Rust Free". But also, titanium has the other mysterious function.
We, Horie Co. apply this mysterious function to developing new products.

Make the Beer Taste Better
"Make the Beer Taste Better"

Oxidized titanium film has mysterious functions.
When we drink the beer or beverages by Titanium Colored Mug Cup,
we feel the taste of beer or beverages better.
If you have any question on the better taste, I recommend you to
buy the Mug cup and try the taste of beer.

Titanium Colored Mesh Ball swims around , by itself
"Titanium Colored Mesh Ball swims around , by itself"

There is a fish glass tank in which titanium Colored Mesh Ball is
swimming around like a fish, in our design room.
The ball catches the air from the water through mesh, floats up,
discharge the air at water surface and sinks again.
The stronger light to the tank, the more active movement of the ball.
The reason is , I suppose, stronger light helps the air-catching-power
of the ball.
Moreover, the water does not become bad more than three years.
We only add the water by vaporized amount, and water keeps it c1carness.
The Light Catalyzer Effect of oxidized titanium is well known already.
I have experienced the Light Catalyzer Effect of oxidized titanium from
6 years ago.
This titanium ball swims, around actively in the soda water, floating,
sinking and rotating as if it is alive. It is a mysterious moving.

Titanium Bracelet cures the Stiff Shoulder
"Titanium Bracelet cures the Stiff Shoulder"

Have you tried to hold your hand over titanium ?
When we hold our hand over titanium about 20~30 cm height,
I don't know the reason but we feel our hand warm.
There may be so many insensible person, they might feel nothing.
But, naive person might fee1 his hand warm over titanium.
I applied this mysterious power into new product "Bracelet"
Around 80% of the peoples who use this "Titanium Bracelet" feel
his stiff shoulder cured
I also always wear this bracelet.

Titanium Spoon makes the Dishes Better Taste
"Titanium Spoon makes the Dishes Better Taste"

Tsubame-city is famous by manufacturing so many metal tablewares.
Many spoons are also made in Tsubame-city.
But only about 6 companies including my company manufacture
"The Titanium Spoon."
When I have intended to make dining table colorful by colored titanium
tableware, I have the wonderful experience.
That is, when I eat by titanium spoon, I felt the dishes far more delicious.
The reason of better taste with titanium spoon, is titanium metal
does not ionized. We can feel only the genuine taste of the food.
When we use Stainless Steel Spoon, ferrous ion is ionized into food,
and taste changes by the ion.
Our native taste feeling has been paralyzed during long years of life.
Let us take back the original taste feeling and enjoy the delicious dishes,
with Titanium Spoon.

7) Developing policy in future
Future Developing Policy of HORIE -1
"Future Developing Policy of HORIE -1"

Future Developing Policy of HORIE -2
"Future Developing Policy of HORIE -2"

Future Developing Policy of HORIE -3
"Future Developing Policy of HORIE -3"

Big Monument
Big Titanium Monument

Our company is very small, so, our area of activity is also small.
But, I am confident that our passionate to Titanium usage development
is not inferior to anyone.
I will leave the big scale chemical plant project or aerocraft
engine development to the big scale titanium company.
On the other hand, I aim to develop the titanium products for articles
of daily use.
I will continue the challenge for titanium to get the citizenship in daily

The view of the factory of HORIE
"The view of the factory of HORIE"

Thank you very much